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Asthma is a common respiratory disease of varying severity; it appears to be on the increase, especially in children. Treatment of asthma is often straightforward, and there are a variety of different devices and drugs available. The aim of treatment is to relieve symptoms; patients should not have regular symptoms if they are on appropriate treatment.

We invite all of our asthmatic patients for a review every year and more frequently if your asthma is not well controlled. If you have any of the following then please book an appointment with our Asthma nurse, Tina Bird, as your asthma treatment may need reviewing:

  • Cough at night.
  • Shortness of breath at work/school or when exercising.
  • Persistent Cough, wheeze, tightness, or shortness of breath during the day.

If you need to use your Salbutamol (blue) inhaler more than twice weekly it may imply your asthma is poorly controlled.

If you need further advice or information then please feel free to book an appointment.

For further information on asthma please visit the Asthma UK website or the NHS Choices website.