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Together with the team of community midwives, we provide a full range of antenatal care services for some of our local hospitals providing a fully staffed labour ward with access to epidural pain relief, emergency doctors and full hospital facilities.

Ladies can book for Royal Berkshire Hospital, Wexham and Frimley park Hospital at the surgery however ladies wishing to book for Ashford and St.Peters Hospital must self-refer using their website.

Pre-pregnancy counselling includes rationalisation of any medications, ensuring rubella immunity, advising regarding lifestyle, diet, risk factors, and taking folic acid.

Newly pregnant patients are asked to speak with the GP in the first instance, who will then put them in touch with the midwife. After an initial booking interview, and discussion regarding screening options, the antenatal clinics normally run from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards at 4-8 weekly intervals at first, becoming more frequent in the final 8 weeks.  A full ultrasound scan is performed at 20 weeks, and a birth plan is agreed toward the end of pregnancy. Those with co-existing medical problems or other risk factors are also referred for an obstetric opinion early on with a consultant.

Please note ANY bleeding or significant pain during pregnancy should be reported to the midwife or GP immediately.

Downs Syndrome:

If you want to be screened to determine the risk of your baby having Downs Syndrome you need a short Booking Appointment initially, no earlier than 10 weeks, either with the midwife or your GP.  They will then provide a scan referral and ask you to call 01344 877591 to book your scan.  Do this as soon as possible as appointments go quickly.

Booking Appointment:

You need to make a Booking Appointment with the midwife at 10-12 weeks, after deciding on the place of birth and before the 12 week scan.  During the 40 minute appointment she will take a full history and some blood samples.  If you cannot get an appointment before your scan then you need to get your blood tests completed at the phlebotomy department at Heatherwood any week day between 08:30 and 12:45.  Ask your GP for the blood test forms.

Ultrasound Scan:

You will be offered an ultrasound scan at 11-13 weeks.  This is to confirm the due date of the baby and whether there is only one!

You will be offered a second scan at 20 weeks.  This should be done at the hospital at which you intend to give birth and will take a more detailed look at your baby.  If theis scan is being completed at either Heatherwood or Wexham Park you will need to take your maternity with you.

The chart below provides a summary of the ante-natal appointments you will require:

Time Line Who Seeing Reason
4-10 weeks Midwife Diagnose & confirm pregnancy
Folic acid advised/prescribed
Maternity information book
Booking Appointment arranged
10-12 weeks Midwife Formal maternity booking history
Booking bloods taken
Anomaly scan form provided
Information on antenatal classes
Pregnancy book provided
11-13 weeks Hospital Ultrasound Dept Nuchal fold (12 week) scan
20-21 weeks Hospital Fetal anomaly scan
Maternity notes collected
22-23 weeks Midwife Discuss scan & blood results
28 weeks Midwife Blood tests
Plot grow chart
31 weeks GP Review
34 weeks Midwife Discussion & checks
36 weeks Midwife Discussion & check position
38 weeks GP Discussion & check position
40 weeks Midwife Discussion & check position
41 weeks Midwife Discussion & checks


For more information visit the NHS website.

Some Mums-to-be and young families qualify for NHS Healthy Start vouchers. For further information visit: or speak to your midwife or health visitor.